Izguard: The Lost Tales

Taurens, City of the Dwarves

After the long Journey our band of heroes has made it to the city of Taurens, a city unlike Braxis, the city they are from. it is almost a mirrored image of what a city should be in their eyes. Taurens is a city the likes of which our heroes have never seen. Although smaller, it is more industrious than Braxis. Where Braxis had farms and tropical views, Taurens has
Mines, blacksmiths, and soot covered buildings.
The heroes make their way into the city and find the merchants guild member that their supplies are bound for. After getting paid, one of the drivers advises the heroes that he is giving up on the job and will be staying here in Taurens….better to make his way in a new city than to face the evil of the wilderness again. Before heading out again the party decides to sell the mithril golem to a local wizard for a hefty bounty. With their pockets full of gold and their eyes full of wonder they set out to explore this new city.
Six days pass as the explorers await their new items they have purchased to be made. They spend the time drinking eating and exploring the city. Steve favorites a bar called “the Buxom Witch” where he meets a blind oracle who tells him that before they leave, he must join their ranks to aid in their venture or all will be lost.



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